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Welcome to teachAdam:

a site to get bite-sized CPD, resources to lead your ideas and space to share training, research and perspectives with ELT teachers and trainers.

Check out the three parts of the site below.

Training - the home of #ELTshorts: 6-minute CPD videos! Refresh your teaching head in weekly  sessions on methodology, teaching knowledge, and reflections and questions from my own lessons.

Covering a range of topics that grows every week, visit often to kick-start your CPD with clear ideas and fresh perspectives, the  occasional conference excerpt, and a  forum for everyone to comment, question and share.

Resources -  an online collection of reading and research links.  If you're interested in some area of ELT, see what I've found interesting; you might too!

This includes links to books, articles, webinars, and other websites on specific aspects of ELT teaching and training. Any of  which may be relevant to your teaching and professional development. This also includes some resources and ideas I want to share.

Study - a few ideas for CPD courses and schools, limited to a few training centres and schools I know and can recommend personally.

This gives details of just a few of the many good teacher training and  teacher development courses which there are available, it's just  I know and rate these ones.

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