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I began my ELT career in Prague in 2005 and am a CELTA trainer, teacher, materials writer, YL DoS and teacher-researcher. Every day's a school day, and there is always more to learn and more ways to develop. I'm keen to engage, explore and discuss language learning and classroom practice (hence the name of the site).

I am passionate about good practice and I became interested in teacher-research during my Delta. I've undertaken and published on several teacher-research projects and regularly present at ELT conferences nationally and internationally.

I have particular classroom expertise in teaching phonology and teaching beginner learners, and collaborate on developing new teaching materials and writing for ELT publishers.

I have extensive experience teaching young learners both in the Czech Republic and since returning to the UK in 2008, where I have also led a successful summer YL centre for three years as Centre Manager and Director of Studies.

 teacher,  trainer,  writer,  DoS

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